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Say hello to proactive asset management

Where property data is cultivated into actionable insights through a robust system of record, leveraging AI to optimize operations and forecast capital expenses.
Built For:
SFR Operators
Asset Managers
Property Managers
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Our Mission

Revolutionizing property asset management by providing a systemic solution that anticipates needs, empowers efficient decision-making, and fosters proactive care for homes.

Current State

Owners and managers struggle with scattered, inaccessible property information, leading to reactive decisions, wasted resources, and disjointed maintenance records. The market lacks a centralized, predictive, and comprehensive home management solution.

The Oyster

Oyster Data establishes a singular repository, the "Oyster," for properties. An advanced, AI leveraged platform to proactively collect, structure, and operationalize the most important property info.

Who are we

How it works

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System of Record
"The Oyster"

The Oyster is a holistic property database that is cleanly structured and subject to governance standards, includes a detailed home catalogue, and is displayed on a practical dashboard.

AI-Driven Forecasting

Apply property insights to budget capital expenditures with precision, predict preventive maintenance and needed repairs, and reduce variable labor costs.

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AI-Driven Resource Optimization

Streamline administrative tasks for financings, accounting, insurance, and sales. Ensure efficient resource allocation, maximized asset value and increased tenant satisfaction.

Permanent Ledger

Maintain critical documents and a history of property events on a permanent ledger for transparent and trackable records.

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How it works


Joe Stockton
Joe Stockton
Co-Founder, CEO
  • Leadership experience in proptech at early stage, growth stage and public companies

  • Helped build and scale Zillow Offers and Zillow Closing Services from 0 to +25 markets

Albert Kwok
Albert Kwok
Co-Founder, CTO
  • Hands-on AI engineer with 20+ years in application delivery at early startups and enterprises
  • Customer-centric product development in proptech, robotics, IoT, finance, retail
Ryan Berry
Ryan Berry
  • Former senior executive at Zillow, Colony Starwood Homes (acquired by Invitation Homes) and Spirit Realty Capital
  • Designed, built and scaled infrastructure and operations for leading residential and commercial real estate owner-operators
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Leah Sakas
Executive, Product & Operations
  • Former executive at Zillow and Invitation Homes (fmr Starwood Waypoint / Colony Starwood / Colony American Homes)
  • Built and lead operational teams of 250+ and designed & implemented practical product solutions for residential real estate operators

Our Experience

Founding team members worked at Zillow
Founding team members worked at Stoa
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Founding team member worked at IBM Technical Consulting Services
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Founding team member company worked at
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Founding team members worked at Starwood
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